Peerplug Knowledge Base

General Info

General information about Peerplug

How Peerplug works

Basic information on how Peerplug interacts with it’s host application

How Peerplug accelerates

How Peerplug achieves acceleration of static content

Peerplug Case Study

Practical case study based on Peerplug early adopter


Integration options for different platforms

Using the plugger – Peerplug app wrapper

Getting the SDK – Where to get the SDK

Android integration – Integration using Android Studio or similar

iOS integration – Integration using XCode

Linux integration – Cutom STB or Linux based applications

macOS integration – MAC based applications


How to read the console data and statistics

Live stat – Live statistics about your service

Reports – Traffic – Reports on OTT service traffic usage

Reports – Peer provision – Reports on when your users use your app

Reports – Peer activity – Reports on when your users stream video in your app

Reports – Geo location – Reports on your users approximate geographic location