Live stat

This page explains the data presented at the live stat page


Live stat page provides quick overview and live status of your Peerplug enabled OTT service.

You can see how many users have launched the app, how many are currently streaming content and what your current service load is.

Two simple graphs provide you with overview of Peerplug performance and let you see MESH streaming in real time.

Example of Live stat

The first line of boxes:

Indicates the current status of you service:

  • Provisioned Peers – Amount of users that have your app running
  • Active Peers – Amount of user that are actively streaming content
  • Current Video – How much traffic per second you currently use.(1)
  • Current CDN – How much of the traffic is being delivered by your CDN (1)
  • Current Offload – How much of the traffic is p2p offloaded* (1)
  • Efficiency – What percentage of video traffic is going p2p

(1) Peerplug uses megabytes per second instead of megabits as we are more concerned with total traffic over a period of time rather than bandwidth. If you would like to see those values in megabits, you can adjust it in configuration.

The second line of boxes

There is a period selection and totals for the selected period. In the screenshot example the period is set to last hour and therefore:

  • Total period video – How much traffic in total was required to deliver the video
  • Total period CDN – How much traffic your CDN has delivered in last hour
  • Total period offload – How much traffic has been p2p offloaded in the last hour
  • Total period efficiency – What percentage of traffic has been p2p delivered

Traffic history for selected period graph and Period traffic totals pie:

The graph shows traffic usage over time for the selected period. The red part is what has been delivered from your CDN, the blue part is Peerplug’s p2p.

The pie shows percentages of the period in total.

Please note, the graph and the pie include one more detail: “Other” – indicated by yellow.

“Other” is a traffic that has not been identified as a video. In the above example there is no yellow traffic as the app is a pure OTT oriented and non-video traffic fades compared to video.

In case your app has high traffic usage of something other than video, you will see a yellow section which is “non video” traffic.

Period activity for selected period graph and Period activity pie:

The bottom most graph and pie show you the user activity over the selected period.

The graph shows how many users there have been that are running your app(red) and how may are actively streaming (blue).

The pie shows the total activity for the period, in the above example, 35% of the users were actively streaming content in the last hour while the other 65% were idle.