Reports – Geo location

This page explains Geo location section of the console reports


Using the Geo location reports section you can see how many users you have depending on the different geographical region.

Please note: Peerplug does not use precise location by default and therefore only general regions are shown.

Example of Geo location report

The “Start date” and “End date” define the report start and end dates to display.

As soon as you change start or end date report is automatically updated

Unique peers – shows you how many different users you have had in this period

Unique regions – shows how many different regions you have had in this period

Please note: If a user uninstalls and installs your app again he will be counted twice. Peerplug does not record any personal identifiable information and is GDPR compliant.

Top regions shows you 5 regions with most of your users and percentage of the total.