Reports – Peer provision

This page explains peer provision section of the console reports


Peer provision section allows you to see when your users launch your app and when there are most apps running.

Please note: this differs from Peer activity report as:

Provisioned peer – User has launched the app(it can be idle)

Active peer – User has launched the app and is actively streaming content

This page shows Provisioned peers history

Example of Peer provision report

The “Start date” and “End date” define the report start and end dates to display.

Fetch report button updates the report after selecting the dates. By default a report for the last week is shown.

Unique peers shows you how many different instances of your app have been launched in this period. Please note: If a user uninstalls and installs your app again he will be counted twice. Peerplug does not record any personal identifiable information and is GDPR compliant.

Average online shows you how many users are running your app on average in any given moment.

“Weekdays for day average” and “Provision daily average”

You may be interested to see how much users you use your app on different weekdays. People tend to services in different ways depending on the weekday.

For example, during the working week days people tend to use OTT services later at the evening after the work while during weekend OTT usage is more spread throughout the day.

If you would like to see an app usage for specific weekdays, select those weekdays and fetch the report. The bottom graph will show you how many of your users are using your app during selected weekdays.

For example, if we would like to see how users use our app on Saturdays in January we will set:

Start date 1st of January of that year

End date 31st of January of that year

Only select the Saturday checkbox.