Peerplug Case Study

June 4, 2020

Customer Profile:

OTT Service profile: FAST(Free Ad Supported Tv) model Live TV service.

Locality: Regional service.

Streaming: 720p@50fps HLS with DRM over SSL. 3 Hour time slide window.

Content delivery: public CDN Based “pay as you go” model.

Peerplug license pricing option: CDN like dynamic calculation per delivery optimization.

Service usage statistics:

Statistics Period: 30 days

Unique users: ~50,000 active unique users

Average daily usage: ~2,500 concurrent sessions

Video traffic delivered: 460.78 TB

Peerplug performance:

Peerplug is configured for maximal CDN cost optimization with 50% user upload bandwidth limitation and low priority peer-to-peer QoS.

CDN delivered video traffic: 64.85 TB

Peerplug peer-to-peer delivered video traffic: 395.93 TB

Peerplug peak efficiency: 94%

Peerplug average efficiency in this period: 85.92%

Traffic Usage history:

Average daily traffic pattern (all weekdays):

Users activity history:

Average daily activity pattern (all weekdays):

From both Traffic Daily and Activity Daily we can see that service has higher usage during approximately 18:30 – 21:30 GMT. This leads to Peerplug peer-to-peer offload being much higher during those periods.


Service required 460 TB of video data to be delivered by the CDN.

With Peerplug, 65 TB was delivered by the CDN while the other 395 TB was delivered using peer-to-peer connections.

Pre-Peerplug CDN cost for 460 TB of traffic: 100*8.5 + 360*7 = 3,370$

Post-Peerplug CDN cost for 65 TB: 65*8.5 = 552.5$

Peerplug cost for 395 TB of traffic: 99 + 90*2 + 295*1.5 = 721.5$


Before Peerplug: 3,370$ for CDN

After Peerplug: 552.5$ for CDN and 721.5$ for Peerplug total: 1,274$

Customer has saved: 3,370$ – 1,274$ = 2,096$ by opting to use Peerplug

Customer is paying 37% of his pre-Peerplug traffic expanses resulting 63% cost optimization.