Getting the SDK

This section explains how to get Peerplug SDK and how to start using it in your development environment


In order to start working with the SDK you will need the following:

  • Peerplug user console with Integration access
  • Basic software development knowledge

Downloading the SDK

  1. Please login to your Peerplug console.
  2. Navigate to the “Integration” section.
  3. On the top right you will see “SDK Download” section and currently available SDK version.
  4. Please click the version to start the download process.

Understanding the SDK structure

SDK is provided as a pp_sdk_<version>.zip file, after extracting it you will have a “pp_sdk” directory. This directory will contain additional instructions and code snippets to help you with integration as well as directories for each of the supported platforms.

For example “android” directory contains “jniLibs” that are used on Android and a “code.txt” example how how to load them.

Please note, there is no need to provide any authentication details when working with the SDK. SDK you have downloaded will provision itself to the Peerplug console you have downloaded it from. Therefore, If you are a partner or have access to multiple Peerplug consoles, make sure you download the SDK from the one you want your app/service to work with.

For proper instructions for each of the platforms, please read corresponding Knowledge base page.

VERSION.txt file is there to remind you of the version of the SDK in the current directory.